Make your reservation here

A few notes about reservations
  • Please take note of the duration of your booking that is included in your booking confirmation email.  If it doesn’t suit you, drop us an email or give us a call on 9552 6522, we may be able to do magic.
  • Tables are held for 15 minutes past the booking time and after that we cannot guarantee your reservation if we haven’t been notified that you are still coming.
  • If the number of guests changes please give us a call so we can ensure we provide a table with sufficient room for your comfort. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee extra seats without advance notice. In the case where the number of guests decreases, we may charge $10 per empty seat if we have turned other diners away to hold your empty seats.
  • A discretionary service charge of 10% is included on the bill for groups of eight or more.
Bookings for 12 or more
  • Use the booking widget above to send us your details for large group bookings and we will get back to you within 24 hours to finalise your reservation.
  • Large groups are welcome to order a la carte on the night, or we can design a set menu for you in advance.